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Privacy, Multimedia, and Mascots

So I've been tinkering with the web site, working on implementing a couple things people have asked for. First and most annoyingly, I'm working on implementing some privacy settings as suggested by Drew. I'm not (yet) able to do it by forum [EDIT: JK. I totally can], the way he suggested, but in trying to do so I've found we can make everything, not just forums, have the option to be visible to the general public or just to us.

Twisted Code Studios

Twisted Code Studios is the convocation of awesome people creating the breakthrough video game Demiurge. The team consists of (in order of seniority):

  • Drew Greer, Lead Code Burglar and Model Creator
  • Russ Kaufman-Pace, Lead Art and Story Line Extruder
  • Kamron Hansen, Master Gap Filler and Creative Volcano
  • Jaimie Hensley, Grand Audio Mistress

With their powers combined, they will soon commandeer the FPS scene and redefine the gaming horizon. Until then, feel free to keep tabs on their progress via this site!

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